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Before putting your goods or documents into storage, knowing your options will help you choose the storage solution that best suits your needs; you may choose from units in public facilities, sometimes called self storage or mini storage, or you may find that secure, private storage better suits your needs and budget. Know what each entails before making a decision: your movers will deliver your belongings to you at normal moving rates.

Private Storage

Offered by Seattle Movers, private storage has many advantages: options include very short or very long term storage of goods or documents. Short term, up to 90 days, (called storage in transit), is prorated so you do not pay for a full month when only using a few days or weeks.

Your movers do all the work: they create an inventory listing each item going into storage and provide a copy for your records. They carefully wrap large items for safe travel, move goods into a private facility and deliver them back to you when you are ready for them.

At Seattle Movers, Storage your belongings are kept in a temperature controlled, private warehouse equipped with security cameras and sprinklers. Large “vaults”, made expressly for this purpose, are used to store the goods.

Vaults bottoms are 6″ off the floor and our building is on high ground, so your belongings are safe from floods or possible water damage in the event of broken pipes. Both the vaults and the aisles between them are cleaned regularly to help them remain free of dust and dirt.

You may pack personal items yourself, or opt for the movers to do so. If you pack, boxes should be labeled to identify contents. Keep it simple and clear: “pots & pans”, “master bath”, “Bob’s shoes”. Tell your movers about any items that you may need during your storage term (Christmas décor, tax files, etc.), these will be placed at the front of your storage unit for easy access.

Containers with fragile items should be clearly marked. Remember that food, liquids or chemicals of any kind cannot go into storage. (Find a list at the bottom of this page) If we pack for you we will provide all necessary materials.

Situations where private storage is an especially good option include:

  • During a remodeling project
  • While waiting for new home construction to be completed
  • Long term document storage
  • Extended trips abroad for work or school
  • Excess goods from combining households
  • Downsizing a home or office
  • Storage of seldom used items

If You Need an Item from Storage

Once your goods are safely stored, if you need an item simply call in with the inventory number. Your item will be pulled and you may pick it up at our warehouse office or it can be delivered to you. This may incur a small warehousing fee or delivery charges. When you are ready for your goods to be returned, give as much notice as possible so that the move may be scheduled on your preferred day.

Your movers will deliver your belongings back to you at normal moving rates. Furniture items will be unwrapped and placed exactly where you want them in your home or office. Boxes will be delivered to appropriate rooms so you will not have to move them again. No strain, no pain, no hassle!

Private Storage May Save You Money

Our prices are competitive with quality public facilities. State regulations require movers to charge travel time; delivering your goods directly to our storage warehouse eliminates expenses incurred by extra trips to a separate storage facility.

No need to pay for or drive a rental truck. Protective pads or blankets and mattress bags, are provided at no charge and left in place for the duration, saving the cost of purchasing protective materials.

A discount may be offered during winter and spring if we are not filled near capacity.

When Public or Self Storage is a Better Option

If you will need frequent access to your stored goods, moving them into a public facility or “self storage” is a more practical choice. Loading and unloading to a storage facility is one of the services we offer. Seattle Movers is happy to do all the work of moving your goods into the storage unit and stacking items to make best use of space and to allow ease of access.

When you are ready to have all your things moved back to your home we can also do that. Because they are easily accessible by many people, storage units in public facilities have a greater risk of break-ins, and some are plagued by rodents or insects, making it important to choose a secure, high quality facility.

Storage units in low lying areas that may be flood prone should also be avoided. People’s Storage in Ballard and Kenmore, or Shurgard Storage in Redmond are three quality facilities that we recommend, though we will be happy to move your things into any facility in Seattle, Bellevue or any other city in Western Washington.

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Our competitive hourly rate includes all protective materials. No fuel surcharge, no material fees, no wrapping charges, no tax…no surprises!

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Our competitive hourly rate includes all protective materials.
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