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How we meet your needs: We employ AMSA Certified, professional movers. Our family owned, local moving and storage company wins awards for quality and customer satisfaction. Services include residential and commercial moves, secure storage, packing, full service and labor only moves. Serving all of Washington State, i.e. Bellevue, Tacoma, and Seattle Movers.We make the hassle of moving disappear!

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Express Movers recently launched a partnership with PS Moving in Seattle, which will help families, individuals and businesses have more convenient move schedules at better prices.Alongside our partnership, Express Movers added a new fleet of small to large transportation vehicles to accommodate the demand for moving company services in Washington. As the premier moving company in Seattle, our moving services focused around each customer and their needed move. Going the extra mile to showcase Washington’s residents that we are a quality and dependable moving company.

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Our family established this moving and storage company in Bellevue in 2003 and moved to our Seattle warehouse in 2004. We quickly achieved our goal of making the Express Movers name synonymous with superior quality and service. Our small business takes great pride in being chosen as “The Best Movers in Seattle” in several different consumer choice venues.Moving is stressful, but we strive to make it more pleasant for you by bringing a cheerful demeanor and sense of humor to our work. We hope you will enjoy this video, starring some of our fine employees.
Fully insured in accordance with State regulations Properly licensed in the State of Washington WUTC #HG-61664 Compliant with all WUTC rules and regulations.

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Express Movers, prides on its uniqueness and on its excellence when it comes to moving hundreds, if not thousands, of people, businesses and more each year to their new homes and residences.

"Goods Moved Without Damage"

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If you will need frequent access to your stored goods, moving them into a public facility or “self storage” is a more practical choice. Loading and unloading to a storage facility is one of the services we offer. Seattle Movers is happy to do all the work of moving your goods into the storage unit and stacking items to make best use of space and to allow ease of access.

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