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Phoenix Movers

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Phoenix Movers

How we meet your needs: We employ AMSA Certified, professional movers. Our family owned, local moving and storage company wins awards for quality efficient moves.

Services include residential and commercial moves, secure storage, packing, full service and hands-on only moves. Serving Arizona, with a focus on the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

We make the hassle of moving disappear! Best Phoenix Movers Around…For Local and Long-Distance Moves!

The Best Approach To Moving – #1 Customer Rated Moving Company in Phoenix

One thing that makes Express Phoenix Movers peculiar, we approach to solving your problem with an efficient and zero-stress moving solution.

We are innovators in the transportation world. Our hands-on training finds ways to simplify and better protect your personal belongings.

Customer Obsession – You Are Our Priority!

Phoenix Movers

A proven-trustworthy Arizona moving company owned by a family. The company can be trusted because since 1997; it has been BBB recognized and homeowner voted #1.

The company has been operational and in business for over 30 years, and the moving crews undergo annual physical, background checks and monthly truck inspections.

Moreover, for any questions that might be pressing the customers, the company offers a customer-centric team which is available seven days a week to give answers to the pressing customer issues. We continue to raise the bar and drive our teams to deliver high quality services and processes. We insist on high standards.

Our Moving Company

The company is designed for both earlier and late planners and enable such people to move without any difficulties. While the company specializes in moving, it also offers storage and packing services together with offices in places like Phoenix, Portland, Bellevue, and Seattle.

People have known the company to be the mover of choice for a population of over 30,000 Texans every year. Our company movers personnel are experts in residential moving, corporate relocation, apartment moving, packing and unpacking as well as portable storage thus making this company amazing.

Residential Movers in Phoenix

Upon scheduling a move, witness our company automatically offer a moving concierge free of charge. The company understands that you might need to be committed to some other things like changing personal address, transferring utilities, trash removal and recycling services. With a moving concierge, one is relieved from pressures that come with a move and can comfortably focus on those other details.

A move of any size can be handled by our Phoenix professional movers since we got over 60 cars and more than 100 employees working during the activity.

For customers who own large furnished houses and intend to move but wonder how to do it fast, they will be thrilled to find out that our company can place several teams in one location when a need arises.

Movers Phoenix

Apartment Movers in Phoenix

The surrounding areas of Phoenix and Arizona have apartments and lofts and even properties with stringent conditions and for someone who needs to a mover must find a phoenix that is familiar with those rules since they can be obstacles.

Fortunately, our family business has been working in this area and are experts in those seeking apartment movers in Phoenix. While many other companies may find it had to cope up with obstacles, our company sees it as another day of a normal life.

Office Movers

Our company has the standing personnel and are always available at night or even on weekends. All one hat to do is make a call, and within no time, their office will be relocated and operational again.

Packing Services

Our company employees trained professionals to work as packers thus saving the customer stress, time and damage which may be as a result of unsafe packing. The packers use a more efficient method while packing and for people who need safe and fast packing.


The packing process is made fast and efficient by packers who are entitled to moving the customer’s belongings safely and be through within the agreed time.

Unpacking Service

The professional packers hired by our company can handle unpacking of all the customers’ belongings as well as arrange every room as required.

More Than Just A Phoenix Moving Company

Partial Services – The company packers can also do partial jobs like packing of kitchens or closets, and all you need to do is super-size your move.

Since the year 1985, as a company, we saw a need to address an issue of moving large businesses and homes, and since other companies could not come up with a solution, we decided to grab the opportunity because that is what we do.

We then came up with a strategy to achieve what we wanted and decided to send a tailored truck enough for your move alongside a four-person crew to compliment for efficiency. Since then, the company has been able to offer Super-Size trucks all over Arizona.

Offering services like box recycling to safely moving safes and pianos and additional services as required by an individual. For more information, one is advised to check out the below sections and give a call if there are any questions.

Box Recycling Program which allows the company to collect, bale and recycle the customer’s old boxes with charging any fee. Safe Movers gives information concerning storage, climate-controlled and warehousing which are permanent for all the storage needs.

Our Phoenix Piano Movers also offers a permanent solution for any storage needs. Long Distance section also assures the customers of safe and climate controlled permanent solution.

Moving & Storage Company

The people of Arizona have constantly been facing problems with storage, we give an opportunity of self-storage and MOVITS which is portable storage for customer’s apartments and businesses.

Moving Companies Phoenix

We Deliver Results & Client Satisfaction

From a local Phoenix moving company, Express Movers has grown and expanded throughout Arizona with its strongholds being based on family values, ethics, and community involvement.

Also, the company believes in transparency as the only way to do business with customers, and that is why there is a customer service team in place every single day of the week and emails with details concerning your move so that there are no worries at any point of the process.

More Convenient Scheduled Moves, More Happy Customers

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with PS Moving in Seattle, PS Moving in Vancouver and PS Moving in Phoenix. Our strategy is to reduce consumer moving costs and accommodate more moves efficiently.

Long Distance Moving? We Have You Covered

As a full-service moving company, we are perfect for those needing long-distance movers.

Moving Out?

We are perfect for those wanting to sit back and have a team of professional movers do all the heavy lifting, packing, and sorting. For those needing to reschedule because their property is still pending to sell, we understand, and will convenient hold off on the move until further notice. If you are in a time crunch to selling a home fast, a quick cash home offer might suit your timeline. If you are still seeking a tenant, hiring a property management company to handle the rent and management service of the property.

express movers services

Residential Moving

Express Movers, prides on its uniqueness and on its excellence when it comes to moving hundreds, if not thousands, of people, businesses and more each year to their new homes and residences.

Commercial Moving

Literally anything with two legs or four wheels can take you from point “A” to point “B”. At Express Movers in Seattle, however, we see things beyond this simple equation. First of all, we’re more than a simple moving company in Seattle.

Long-Distance Moving

As a homeowner, you would clean your bathroom on a regular basis in order to make sure that it is in good condition. But do you pay similar attention towards upholstery?

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Our family established this moving and storage company in Bellevue in 2003 and moved to our Seattle warehouse in 2004. We quickly achieved our goal of making the Express Movers name synonymous with superior quality and service.

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