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Tips For Moving

Here are some of our tips for moving in Seattle:

Tips for Moving

Plan ahead! Begin preparing for your move about 12 weeks ahead to allow time to pack without undue stress. Remember that summer and the end of each month are the busiest times for movers. If you plan to move during a busy time please schedule well in advance. Prepare to move with confidence with these popular tips for a successful move.

Remember to tell the Seattle movers about any obstacles – steep or narrow driveways that the truck cannot access, narrow doors or stairwells, lack of close parking can all complicate your move. Your movers need to know about these things so they can plan accordingly to keep your costs down.

To save on the cost of your move: dispose of unwanted goods and clothing – hold a garage sale, donate to a charity, or discard unused items to avoid paying to move or store things you don’t want.

Before your estimate please carefully review all of your belongings, including those in your garage, attic, storage sheds, outdoor areas. Be prepared to show the estimator every item to be moved. This helps insure an accurate estimate and prevents unwelcome surprises and added costs on moving day.

Enter mail forwarding information at your post office. Arrange a termination date at your old home, and a connection date at your new home, for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main suppliers.

Check your homeowner’s policy; some cover damage incurred during a move, as long as the policy is still in force. If you do not have homeowner’s insurance you may purchase “valuation” coverage from Express Movers. Your estimator will be happy to explain the costs and terms of this coverage with you.

Plan to pack and move money, prescription drugs, small valuables, irreplaceable items, firearms, and important documents such as passports, birth or stock certificates yourself. Your movers cannot be responsible for these items. Obtain a written appraisal for antiques and other large valuables prior to your move if you wish to purchase coverage for them.

Use a box that stands out – brightly colored or white – label it boldly with the word “Parts” and use it to pack cords and wires for electronics, TV and game controllers, computer mouse, small parts from disassembled furniture, pegs for bookshelves, etc. This will save you from digging through boxes in search of these items after the move.

Lawn mower, gas powered tools and propane tanks must be emptied of oil and fuel. Dispose of all flammable or poisonous materials: these include paint thinner, aerosol cans, cleaning products, pesticides, lawn chemicals, herbicides, fireworks and so forth. State regulations prohibit movers from transporting these materials which may leak or explode in transit, posing a hazard to our movers and to your belongings.

Food products, liquids of any kind, and hazardous materials such as those described above, cannot be put into our storage facility. Please do not include them in your packed goods.

Unplug electronic equipment twenty-four hours ahead to prevent heat related internal damage. Disconnect gas appliances, drain waterbeds. Remove bulbs before packing lamps. Place heavy items into small, manageable boxes.

Designate one box for towels, tooth brushes, medications, and other essentials so you won’t have to search boxes the first night in your new home.

Moving Checklist

Moving can be dangerous to children and pets! Moving day is an excellent time for family members to visit a friend or relative. If this is not possible and they must be present, keep children and pets securely away from movers, truck and equipment. You may wish to consider setting up your TV upon arrival or have their tablet/smartphone handy, at your new home to safely occupy children during the unloading process.

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